Pregnant Kate Middleton Gets A Gun To Protect Herself


This week’s issue of GLOBE Magazine
features the cover story ‘Pregnant Kate Gets
A Gun.’  This news that Kate Middleton is
pregnant and has been issued a gun will
make headlines around the world.  All Royal
watchers have been speculating for almost a
year about when Prince William and the
Duchess of Cambridge would announce that
they are going to have a baby.  This child will
be heir to the British Throne regardless of
whether it is male or female.
The great news that Kate is now pregnant is
tempered by fears for her safety.  With
Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee
celebration and the Olympic games coming
to London this summer it is not a complete
surprise that GLOBE reveals that there is a
plot afoot to kidnap Prince William.  Of
course any threat to the future King of
England also poses grave danger for Kate.
This explains why GLOBE also mentions on
the cover that not only has Kate been issued
a firearm for self defense but she is receiving
special martial arts training as well.
We choose to focus on the positive side to
GLOBE’S cover-Kate’s pregnancy.  Questions
immediately arise as to how far along in her
pregnancy Kate is and whether she is carry a
boy or a girl.  We trust that the British Armed
Forces are more than a match for any
cowardly terrorists who would threaten our
favorite Royal pair.  Let’s not forget that both
Prince William and his stalwart brother Prince
Harry are highly trained Royal Air Force
helicopter search and rescue pilots.  As
military men and backed up by a gun toting
Kate we are assured of their safety.
We also feel compelled to mention that the
last time a Middleton was anywhere near a
gun things did not go so well.  Of course we
are referring to Pippa Middleton‘s gun-
crazed joy ride through the streets of Paris.
Another hot story featured on the cover of
this week’s GLOBE exposes Antonio
Banderas making time with a hot brunette.
GLOBE promises actual an actual photograph
of bad man Banderas betraying Melanie
We are impressed with GLOBE for
discovering that Kate is pregnant and we can
barely wait to read all the details in the print
edition.  Once again GLOBE scoops their
competitors and delivers the hottest news
without mincing words.  But let us hope that
the great news of Kate’s pregnancy is not be
overshadowed by an evil plot.


~ by mediabristo on June 6, 2012.

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